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places. They did not join the battle ; but remained 'neutral;,*
ready to measure their strength, if, perchance, asiy (of the
contending parties) attacked them.

The people besides the insignificant t soldiers , belonging to
the armies of this Nizain Saha Padusaha Bhairavatn.f and
Kutupu feaha. the king of Telingrana—(exelxidinsr hnn who
bears the name of the sou £ that died diirmsr the course of this
three days" battle are:

The desciption of the wounded^ :—

NiinbajlKale                                          ...       1

Viroji Bapu (Veenoojee Poor)                   ..,       1

Sura Surya) Rao                                    ...       1

Ankusa Rao                                            ,„,       1

Hasanaji                                                  ..       1

Yibarayitu Khana                                   ...       1

Sujata (Soogat) Khana                            ,.,       1

Vimela (Ibrahim) Khana                         .».       1

Mrtyuja (Matooju) Begu                     „    ..*       1

SiddT HabibuUa (Habbubulla)                   ...       1

Hinayita Khana                                               1

Mamada (Maliomed) Khaua                       v.w        1

Davatu  Davoot: Khana                          ...       1

Alii Khana                                              ..        1

Yekalasu (Aklas) Khana                          ...       1

Uajaratn Khana                                      ...       1

Hasana Khana                                        ...       1

* The *entance ends without & predicate.
f Bkairava is the family name of the Kiz«n SkS'ai Kings.
J After ' * rrturst div&z Vxddki djlagt *, and before * * •ni^tinTl^u PZdttftkx &e.*
there itfcngs 2aosely th^ pbrase * nxmJitkitJ. putra ivana t&ppisi^ mean lag 'excluding
him who bears t!ie name of the son'. Probably it refers to AlH Yadala SSha- There
seems to be a Imctma here.
§ the Hat in thi* W. Jf, p. 200 prwpnts certain variations which are iniic*t&d
•withio the brackets- Though the t>">tal nomber of the wounded in the present mi. \*. said to
b« 26, there are only 23 names in the list Some names such as Moorar Cawa, Hirarat
Cftwa, Valeel Cairn mentioned in LQ-M. are not found let this ms ; nor
Khan, AUi Cawa of the latter fiad a place io the f0rm«r.